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The Use of Reusable Bags in Groceries and Supermarkets

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{Privilege Speech
January 15, 2008}

In June 7, 2007 a popular chain of supermarkets launched the campaign in Metro Manila aimed towards encouraging shoppers to use reusable bags when buying groceries. The campaign consisted of distributed reusable cloth bags that their shoppers can use when they shop. The campaign has earned praise and recommendation from various sectors for its simple but sustainable effort in reducing the amount of plastic bags used in shopping. Some of the participating supermarkets even charge a fee for their plastic bags to encourage their shoppers to use the reusable bags. The chain of supermarkets is only one of the handful establishments in Metro Manila to have this kind of campaign. Some local bag makers have even designed and sell their own reusable shopping bags that have become a fad among shoppers in Metro Manila. The chain’s Davao City branch is also part of the campaign and is also distributing reusable bags to local shoppers.

This effort is laudable in that it is simple and doable for everybody to do their share in significantly lessening the amount of plastic bags wasted via shopping. We should commend and encourage similar efforts and campaigns by local establishments. Let us call on other local supermarkets, groceries, and malls to encourage the use of reusable bags for their shoppers.

A concerted effort by Davao shoppers will create a big and remarkable impact on the amount of solid waste we generate. Plastics are difficult to recycle. Moreover platic bags used to contain wet market goods are difficult to reuse. The disposal of plastics are also a big environmental concern. And over time, the production and use of plastic bags, however convinient it may seem, cost so much more than the production, use and reuse of reusable bags.

We should further support and promote this campaign and encourage similar efforts to help our environment.


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January 16, 2008 at 9:14 am

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